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Not All Landscape Construction Companies are the Same!

Ask these 5 Critical Questions Before You Hire a Landscaper...

1) "Do you specialize in Landscape Construction or are you a General Contractor?"

When it comes to the Landscape Construction Industry there are a lot of different companies competing for the same projects. Since there are so many different options, it's often difficult to distinguish between a professional company and a fly by night operation. When it comes to home improvements, you should always select a company that specializes in the field of Landscape Construction, rather than hiring a general contractor. After all...your home is probably one of your biggest investments. Hire the right company and you increase the value of your home...hire the wrong one and you'll experience nothing but headaches.

2) "How long have you been working in the Landscape Construction Industry?"

Landscape construction requires an in-depth knowledge in order to produce outstanding results. This type of knowledge is not found in a text book but rather through years of valuable experience. Job site experience is a critical component to when it comes to choosing your landscape construction contractor. You need to find out how long your contractor has been in business...successfully. This is a great indicator when it comes to avoiding fly by night companies.

Provost Construction has been successfully working in the landscape construction business which includes project such as  interlock brick, ashphalt driveways, sidewalks, patios, drainage and much, much, more, since 1960. We have built our business on the industry's best practises and have perfecting those skills for years. We are one of Ottawa's leading experts when it comes to landscape construction.

3) "What kind of a guarantee do you offer?"

Guarantees are a tricky business when it comes to hiring any kind of construction contractor and this includes the landscape construction industry. Unfortunately a guarantee is only as strong as the company that provides it. For example...someone can offer you a 10 year or lifetime guarantee on work but...if they are a fly by night operation they won't be around 12 months later when you need to take them up on the guarantee. This is obviously a major problem, especially if you've made a major investment which needs repairing due to poor workmanship.

The Provost Construction guarantee is a simple one...since most repairs are needed in this industry within the first 12 months of any project, due in large part to the environment, we guarantee all of our work for 2 years just to make sure you and your investments are protected. We've been in the industry since 1960 and we don't plan on leaving it, so that means our guarantee is a solid one. For more information why not request a free estimate...

4) "If you or one of your employees gets hurt on the I responsible?"

Every detail of the job is done right in order to guarantee our work - VProvost Construction - OttawaInjuries are a fact of life whenever you deal with any kind of construction. By following safety standards, companies can avoid injuries, but on the job site anything can happen. Knowing whether or not your landscape construction company is fully insured, in the case of any injuries, is vital information for you to consider. There are a number of legal issues that can arise if a contractor is working on your property and they are not fully insured.

Provost construction protects you by being full insured with W.S.I.B. Of course we don't want anyone on our team to get injured, but if something were to go wrong you can rest assured that it will not negatively impact you, your family, or your most important investment...your home.

5) "Do you sub-contract the work out or does your company complete the job?"

There's nothing worse than hiring a construction company to come in and do work for you, only to find out that they're not even completing any of the work themselves. This is a terrible breach of trust; after all...if you hired them, then you're trusting in their abilities, not in the abilities of someone else who you've never met. From start to finish Provost Construction is on the job site and does not use sub-contractors. The only sub-contracting that you may see is for large equipment contracting required on some larger jobs, however...Provost Construction remains on site and supervises all aspects of every job.

Last Words of Advice...

"Take your time when choosing a landscape construction company or contractor! They are definitely not all the same. Investigate every option and trust your instincts. If the deal being offered it too good to be true...then maybe you should look into it a little further. Compare the details and make sure you're getting exactly what you're paying for." 

- Victor Provost/Owner

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"When it Comes to Quality Landscape Construction, Talk to The Experts First..."

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